Independent project:

[1] Adaptive solar heater and radiative cooler (ASHARC) for all-season thermoregulation, advisor: Dr. Po-Chun Hsu (UChicago)


  • Design and fabricate the ultra-wideband transparent conductive electrode with polyethylene film, monolayer graphene and photolithographed gold microgrid.
  • Study the fundamental electrochemistry of reversible metal electrodeposition and design the proper electrolyte.
  • Use in-depth characterization tools (SEM, TEM, XPS and XRD) to reveal the morphology of the deposited metals on graphene, which deepens the understanding on the electrodeposition and optical tuning.
  • Fabricate a electrochromic device that can reversibly tune the solar and mid-IR optical properties with the largest contrast in the field for thermoregulation.
  • Design and build an indoor environmental chamber and an outdoor radiative cooling and solar heating power measurement system by PID-controlled Peltier device and home-made thermal insulation.
  • Established a rigorous computational approach in finite element method to investigate optical properties of the deposited metal nanostructures.

Related papers: Nature Sustainability, ACS Energy Letters, Nature Communications

[2] Deep learning assist computational design of vascularized fast charging batteries, advisor: Dr. Po-Chun Hsu (UChicago)


  • Theoretically derived the current distribution and tortuosity of the porous electrode by solving the Nernst-Planck equation and using the equivalent circuit theory.
  • Building up a finite element model for vascularized battery with massive geometric and electrochemical parameters cluster sweeping.
  • Demonstrated the deep-learning-assisted forward prediction and inverse design of the optimal electrode porous structure under different practical scenarios (max capacity, energy density, power density …).

Related papers: Advanced Energy Materials

Collaborative project:

[1] A scalable microstructure photonic coating fabricated by roll-to-roll “defects” for daytime sub-ambient passive radiation cooling, with Prof. Jong Eun Ryu (NCSU)

Contribution: Outdoor radiative cooling power measurement and building energy saving numerical simulation.

[2] Continuous, Nondestructive Detection of Microorganism Growth at Buried Interfaces with Vascularized Polymers, with Prof. Caitlin Howell (U. of Maine)

Contribution: Finite element study on the transport of nutrients in the vascularized channels.

Related papers: ACS Applied Bio Materials

[3] 1D photonic design by needle optimization algorithm of porous dielectrics for radiative cooling, with Elena Shevchenko (Argonne National Lab)

Undergraduate research:

[1] Variable thermal conductivity induced by the phase-transition of shape memory alloy for temperature-adaptive thermal switch, advisor: Dr. Bolin Liao (UCSB), 07/2018 – 09/2018

[2] Shape memory alloy for adaptive smart window, advisor: Dr. Bolin Liao (UCSB), 07/2018 – 09/2018

[3] Air-solid-liquid interfaced by gas diffusion electrode for efficient water-splitting reaction, advisor: Dr. Qu-Quan Wang (WHU), 01/2018 – 10/2018

Related papers: Nanoscale

[4] Numerical study of solar thermochemical water-splitting reaction enhanced by hydrogen permeation membrane, advisor: Dr. Xuejiao Hu (WHU), 05/2018 – 12/2018

Related papers: arXiv

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